Hello Autumn. I Love The Fall Season


Yeah, I’m very happy Summer is over. Hello, Autumn! The falling leaves and changing colors paint a beautiful background and it is so pretty to look at. One of my favorite drinks is Apple Caramel Spice. You all should try it. A long drive in the country makes autumn weekends fun. I like discovering local shops and do a little apple or pumpkin picking at the farms. A meal I often have during this time of year is, a wonderful salad with a hearty soup and fresh baked bread. Perfection.


The beautiful, vibrant colors, seasonal foods, a slight chill in the air and all the holidays are intoxicating. It’s all so magical to me.
On that note, please do something good for the environment and wildlife. We only have one planet. Blog updates are on the way. Love Shelley


Fall Season 2017

The holidays are just around the corner. The heat of the summer is almost gone. I love the Fall season. It represents a beautiful cycle of loss and regeneration — once the spring season comes around. Yeah, it will be a good time to break out the hot chocolate. Just thinking how this season creates a sense of comfort, warmth and reflection. One of my favorite things to do is to see Art works at one of my favorite places. (Galleries, Museums) Then have a lunch (picnic) in central park.

Autumn  is so beautiful I love being outdoors. Of course it is a romantic season which makes it extra special..

Bring on Fall Season 2017!

Truly Yours, Love Shelley

Update World News Stories April (13 – 20) 2017

Dear Readers,

Every week’s got a Friday! I just posted world news stories from April (13 – 20) 2017.

Hoping to post new stories every 7 days, from Friday to Friday.

One more thing, decided to update the blog design with a new Header and Background. Wanted to modernize the look. Thank You for your Support.

Yeah, History is Inescapable. We Are Our Past…

Love Shelley